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   Remodeling or renovating your bathroom undoubtedly begins with changing the bathroom tiles and flooring. This is what will print a specific image to the decoration of your bathroom, in addition to the toilets and bathroom furniture that you use.

Let's look at some reasons to remodel the bathroom.

1. Decoration and aesthetics
The decoration of the bathroom is very important. It helps us to feel better every day if we use a bathroom with a modern, attractive and to our liking decoration.

2. Security
The bathroom is usually a humid space, so it is important that the flooring is non-slip to avoid accidents. We must also make sure that we use a suitable shower tray so as not to fall and furniture made of materials that have good durability and are compatible with humidity.

3. Functionality
A renovated bathroom is functional and allows us to do our hygiene and personal hygiene needs every day. If the apartment is for rent, logically a bathroom must meet all the requirements for the home to be habitable.
That means making sure our taps are working properly. Also guarantee the maximum cleaning of these, avoiding lime or mold. Using sturdy, long-lasting bathroom faucets is the best option.

4. Increase the available space
One of the reasons to reform your bathroom is that you want to increase the space. Maybe you just want it to have better lighting, for which you will preferably use white or light colored tiles and of medium-large size, in addition to redistributing the furniture in the most appropriate way.

5. You want it to be more modern
Another common reason for renovating the bathroom is that you need it to be more modern. There are very old bathrooms, with old tiles and floors, and you may have tired of this kind of environment.

Renovating your bathroom will add more elegance to your home, which can also be an advantage whether you live there or plan to sell or rent it.

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